PERSONALIZE YOUR VIEW of the Bridge The Bridge

PERSONALIZE YOUR VIEW of the Bridge The Bridge that ships with Photoshop CS3 acts as a power browser and central hub for all the Creative Suite 3 applications and shows all types of files and folders that are available. You can even see thumbnails of documents and files from other applications, such as Word or Acrobat files. When you double-click a thumbnail from the Bridge, the other application launches. You can open the Bridge from within Photoshop or as a separate application. The Bridge offers different ways to search, categorize, and view your files, options for adding information, and automation for various repetitive tasks. By customizing and saving your own Bridge workspace, you can review and compare images more efficiently and have more fun doing so. To launch the Bridge from within Photoshop, click File . Browse, click the Go to Bridge icon in the Options bar, or press the keyboard shortcut +opt+O (Ctrl+Alt+O). 66 77 88 33 22 44 55 10 1 Launch the Bridge. Note: You can make any changes you prefer for your custom workspace. 2 Click the Folders tab to navigate to a folder of images. 3 Click and drag the Metadata and Keywords tabs to the left panel between the Folders and the Filter tab. 4 Click and drag the Preview tab to the center pane. 5 Click and drag the Content tab to the right pane. The Content images align vertically on the right. 6 Click an image to see it in the Preview tab. 7 Click here and drag to the right. The Preview tab enlarges. l You can also click the separator bar on the left to enlarge the Preview tab more. 8 Click and hold the first workspace button.

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