A menu appears. 9 Click Save Workspace. The

A menu appears. 9 Click Save Workspace. The Save Workspace dialog box appears. 00 @@ 99 !! 0 Type a name for the workspace. ! Make sure that both check boxes are checked. l Optionally, you can click here and select any key not already assigned by the Bridge to a keyboard shortcut. @ Click Save. Your custom workspace is saved as the default for the first button. Note: You can change the default settings for the other two workspace buttons by following the preceding steps with different settings. 11Chapter 1: Customizing Photoshop for Your Projects More Options! You can sort by different parameters using the Filter panel. For example, you can view only the portrait-orientation images or all the images created on a specific date. More Options! Press Option (Alt) and click multiple images in the Content palette to compare them in the Preview panel. You can also stack the group to keep them together by clicking Stacks . Group as Stack or pressing +G. Enlarge It! You can expand your preview to fill your screen by pressing Tab. The Preview window fills the screen and the other palettes slide away on the sides. Press Tab again to return to your custom Bridge workspace.

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