CREATE A CUSTOM ACTION to increase your efficiency

CREATE A CUSTOM ACTION to increase your efficiency Performing repeated steps is boring and time-consuming. That is why Adobe created actions and the Actions palette. An action is a series of commands that you can apply to an image with one click of the mouse. Unlike a keyboard shortcut, which can only invoke a command, an action can open a command, apply changes to an image, step through another command, apply it, and even save a file in a particular way. You can create your own actions for steps that you do over and over, save the actions, and add them to the Actions palette. To create an action, you first record a sequence of steps. You then name and save your new action in the Actions palette. The next time that you need to apply the same steps to an image, you play the action, and Photoshop automatically applies the series of operations to the open file or even to an entire folder of files. Actions are easy to create, and they can help you automate your work for repetitive tasks, leaving you more time to work on creative projects. 7744 55 66 22 33 14 1 Open an image. 2 Click the Actions button to open the Actions palette. 3 Click the Create New Action button. l Alternatively, you can click here and select New Action. The New Action dialog box appears. 4 Type the name of your action. 5 Click here and select a keyboard shortcut. 6 Click here and select a color for the action. 7 Click Record. l The Record button in the Actions palette turns red. 8 Perform the steps on the image that you want to record as an action. Note: As an example, the following steps show creating an action of opening a new 7″ x 5″ document at 300 pixels/inch for a greeting card.

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