99 99 Press +N (Ctrl+N) to open a

99 99 Press +N (Ctrl+N) to open a new file. The New file dialog box appears. l Type your specific dimensions in the Width and Height fields. l Type 300, or your desired resolution, in the Resolution field. l Click OK. A new untitled document appears. 9 After you perform the last step of your action, click the Stop Recording button. l Your custom action is now recorded and is listed in the Actions palette. You can test your action by clicking the keyboard shortcut that you assigned. 15Chapter 1: Customizing Photoshop for Your Projects More Options! You can apply an action to a folder of files by clicking File . Automate . Batch and selecting the action and a source folder. Or you can apply an action to a group of images from the Bridge by clicking Tools . Photoshop . Batch. Try This! You can make the actions easier to find by selecting Button Mode in the Actions palette s drop-down menu. Your actions change to color-coded buttons. Did You Know? You can load other prerecorded actions such as Frames or Image Effects included with Photoshop CS3 by clicking the Actions palette s drop-down menu and clicking a set in the bottom section of the menu.

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