DESIGN A CUSTOMIZED BRUSH with your settings Whether

DESIGN A CUSTOMIZED BRUSH with your settings Whether you retouch photographs, design brochures, or paint from scratch, you will use the Brush tools many times and in many ways. Selecting the Brush tool from the toolbox opens a variety of brushes in the drop-down menu on the Options bar. You can modify the size, roundness, or other attributes of any of the existing brushes to suit your drawing style or your image. You can then save the modified brush as your own custom brush so that it is ready to use for your next design. A number of other tools also have modifiable brush options, including the Pencil tool, the Eraser tool, the Clone Stamp tool, the Pattern Stamp tool, the History Brush, the Art History Brush, the Blur tool, the Sharpen tool, the Smudge tool, the Dodge tool, the Burn tool, and the Sponge tool. Customizing Brush tools for your projects is a timesaving technique, and it is fun. You may find yourself experimenting with all types of brushes. 22 66 55 55 33 11 44 77 16 1 Click the Brush tool. 2 Click the Brushes button to open the Brushes palette. 3 Click the preset brush that you want to modify into a custom brush. 4 Click Brush Tip Shape. The shape choices are now visible. 5 Click and drag any of the sliders to change the size and look. 6 Drag the black handles and gray arrow to alter the roundness and brush angle. l Watch the Preview window to see the brushstroke change. 7 Click another attribute that you want to change, such as Dual Brush.

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