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77 66 @@ !! 88 00 77 66 @@ !! 88 00 The Color Picker dialog box appears. 6 Select a color from the dialog box. Note: If you have an image open, you can move the cursor over the image to select a color. 7 Click OK. l The selected color fills the left color stop in the Gradient Editor. 8 Click the right color stop under the gradient bar to select it. 9 Repeat steps 5 to 7 to select the colors for the right color stop. 0 Type a name for your new gradient in the Name field. ! Click New. l The custom gradient appears in the presets. @ Click OK. 19Chapter 1: Customizing Photoshop for Your Projects Caution! You must save your custom gradients in a presets library to avoid losing them when you reset Photoshop s Preferences. Click Save in the Gradient Editor dialog box or choose Save Gradients from the drop-down menu in the Gradient Picker. Type a name for your gradient library with the suffix .grd. Click Save, and your gradients are saved in Photoshop s presets. More Options! You can duplicate any of the color stops to vary your custom gradient. Press Option (Alt) and drag the first color stop to another location. Pressing Option (Alt), you can even drag a new color stop over other color stops and drop it in a different position. To remove a color stop, click the stop and drag straight down.

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