REDUCE WRINKLES with a soft touch You can

REDUCE WRINKLES with a soft touch You can remove wrinkles with Photoshop in a variety of ways, including cloning them away with the Clone Stamp tool or patching them using the Patch tool. However, if you remove all the wrinkles and give a person perfectly smooth skin, the effect is not believable. Using the Healing Brush tool and a separate layer, you can maintain more control over the corrections and give your subject a rejuvenated yet natural appearance. You can modify the Healing Brush and change its shape and angle so that your brush strokes are not as visible when you literally paint away the wrinkles. You can create your wrinkle-removing brush by changing attributes in the Brush Picker in the Options bar. The effect appears even more realistic if you use a pressure-sensitive pen tablet and set the Healing Brush to respond to pressure. After you brush away the years, you can change the opacity of the altered layer to reintroduce just enough wrinkles to appear natural. 66 77 88 99 44 55 22 00 33 Photo 2007 11 78 1 Click and drag the Background layer thumbnail over the New Layer icon to duplicate the layer. 2 Click the Zoom tool and zoom in to enlarge the areas with wrinkles. 3 Click here to add a new empty layer. 4 Click and hold the Spot Healing Brush tool and select the Healing Brush. 5 Click here to open the Brush Picker. 6 Set the Master Diameter slider to a brush size wide enough to cover the deepest wrinkles. 7 Drag the Hardness slider to about 50 percent. 8 Click one dot on the circle in the thumbnail and drag toward the center to change the roundness of the brush. 9 Drag the arrowhead to change the angle of the stroke in the direction of the deepest wrinkles. 0 Click here and select All Layers.

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