The Color Picker dialog box appears. @ Click

The Color Picker dialog box appears. @ Click and drag the Hue slider to another color. # Click OK to close the Color Picker. ## @@ $$ %% ^^ ^^ ** && $ Click here to add a new empty layer. % Click here and select Color for the layer blend mode. ^ Click and drag over both irises to paint in the new color. & Click the Eraser tool and erase if you paint over other areas. * Click here and drag the slider to the left until the eye color appears natural. The eyes now appear the new color. 77Chapter 4: Retouching Portraits More Options! If you have another photo with an appropriate eye color, you can also use the Color Replacement tool instead of the standard Brush tool. Select that tool. Press Option+click in the first photo to sample the color of the eyes that you want to use. Then apply the color with soft brush strokes on the empty layer of the image you are correcting. Did You Know? You can avoid red eye in many photos if you use the red-eye reduction feature included with some newer cameras. This feature minimizes the red-eye effect in flash photos by firing several flashes an instant before the photo is taken, forcing the pupils to close slightly just as the final flash and shutter are released.

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