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%% ## $$ !! ^^ @@ %% ## $$ !! ^^ @@ ! Press Option+click (Alt+click) an area of clear skin near one wrinkle to sample. @ Click and drag directly on the first wrinkles to paint them away. # Click here and repeat steps 8 to 12, changing the brush angle and roundness for the other wrinkles. $ Click the Zoom tool. % Press Option (Alt) and click in the image to zoom out. ^ With the top layer selected, click here and drag the slider until the wrinkles appear diminished and still natural. The wrinkles on the face are less pronounced, and the person appears slightly rested and younger. 79Chapter 4: Retouching Portraits Try This! Use many small strokes rather than one larger one when you paint over wrinkles with the Healing Brush and sample nearby areas of clear skin often. The skin tones match more closely, and the results appear more natural. Try This! You need to zoom in and out often when removing wrinkles. Instead of changing tools when the Healing Brush is selected, press +spacebar (Ctrl+spacebar) and click to zoom in. Press Option+ spacebar (Alt+spacebar) to zoom out. Customize It! With a Wacom Intuos3 pen, you can set the rocker switch on the pen to the Option (Alt) key. You can then press the rocker switch instead of reaching for your keyboard to sample areas with the Healing Brush tool.

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