WHITEN TEETH to improve a smile You can

WHITEN TEETH to improve a smile You can greatly improve every portrait in which the subject is smiling by applying a little digital tooth whitening. Yellow teeth always dull a smile as well as the overall look of the photo. You first select the teeth and soften the selection, to avoid a visible line between the areas that are lightened and the rest of the image. Although there are many ways to make a selection in Photoshop, using the Quick Mask mode or the Quick Selection tool as described in Chapter 2 works well when making a detailed selection such as selecting a person s teeth. After the teeth are selected, whitening is a two-step process. You have to remove the yellow and then brighten the teeth by adjusting the saturation. As in the previous tasks, duplicate the Background layer as a safety step and zoom in to make the detailed selection. Then zoom out to see the whole image before adjusting the color. Digital tooth whitening should be a subtle adjustment to keep the smile and the person looking natural. 22 22 11 44 99 77 22 88 3311 55 80 1 Zoom in and make a selection of the teeth using the Quick Mask mode or the Quick Selection tool. Note: To use the Quick Mask mode, see Task #17. To use the Quick Selection tool, see Task #16. 2 Click Select . Modify . Feather. The Feather Selection dialog box appears. 3 Type 1 in the Feather Radius field. 4 Click OK. 5 Click the Zoom tool and zoom out to see the whole image. 6 Press +H (Ctrl+H) to hide the selection marquee. The selection marquee is no longer visible, but the teeth are still selected. 7 Click Image. 8 Click Adjustments. 9 Click Hue/Saturation.

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