The Hue/Saturation dialog box appears. l If necessary,

The Hue/Saturation dialog box appears. l If necessary, move the dialog box to one side so that you can see the teeth. 00 @@ ## $$ !! 0 Click here and select Yellows. ! Click and drag the Saturation slider slowly to the left to remove the yellow. @ Click here again and select Master. # Click and drag the Lightness slider slowly to the right to brighten the teeth. $ Click OK to apply the changes. % Press +D (Ctrl+D) to deselect the teeth. 81Chapter 4: Retouching Portraits Try This! When zooming in on an image, hold the spacebar; the pointer temporarily changes to the Hand tool. You can click and drag around your image with the Hand tool and easily move to the area that needs to be adjusted. When you release the spacebar, you change back to the tool that was previously selected. Did You Know? Feathering softens the edge of a selection and smoothes the transition between two distinct areas. You can also click Select . Refine Edge to feather the selection edge. The default settings of the Refine Edge dialog box include a one-pixel feather. Click OK in the dialog box and continue lightening the teeth as shown here.

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