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!! @@ ^^ && %% ## !! @@ ^^ && %% ## ! Press +click (Ctrl+click) the layer mask thumbnail to load the selection again. @ Click the Adjustment Layer button. # Click Curves. $ Click OK in the Curves dialog box that appears without making any changes. % Press Option+spacebar (Alt+spacebar) and click in the image to zoom out and see the whole face. ^ Click here and select Screen. & Click here and drag the slider to the left to reduce the opacity of the layer until the eyes look brighter but still natural. The subject s eyes appear bright without appearing artificially lightened. 83Chapter 4: Retouching Portraits More Options! In some palettes, dialog boxes, and Options bars, clicking and dragging on the word associated with a slider activates the Scrubby sliders. The cursor changes to a pointing finger. Click and drag across the word, changing the amount in the data field. Did You Know? Pressing Shift as you select with a selection tool enables you to add to a selected area or add a separate selection. Pressing Option (Alt) as you drag over a selected area enables you to remove areas from that selection. Try This! You can quickly access the Feather dialog box, or other options, for any selection by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking (right-clicking) in the selection area. A pop-up contextual menu appears listing options such as Feather and Select Inverse.

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