ADD DEPTH TO EYES to emphasize them Removing

ADD DEPTH TO EYES to emphasize them Removing red eye and lightening the whites of the eyes improves any portrait photograph. You can also make your subject more interesting by adding other adjustments that emphasize the eyes. You can add more contrast to the iris, the colored portion surrounding the pupil, by lightening some areas and darkening others. You can add depth to the eyes by darkening the eyelashes and the natural outline of the eyes. This digital technique is similar to dodging and burning in the darkroom. Instead of using Photoshop s Dodge and Burn tools on the image, you can use the Brush tool on separate blank layers and vary the opacity of each layer to control the adjustments. Painting with white lightens areas. Painting with black darkens areas, lengthens the eyelashes, and adds definition to the eyes. Using the Opacity setting in the Layers palette, you can fine-tune the adjustments before you finalize the image. Making the eyes sparkle by using a variation of digital dodging and burning in Photoshop helps draw the viewer s attention to the eyes and engages them in the photo. 44 44 77 66 11 22 55 33 Photo 2007 84 1 Click and drag the Background layer over the New Layer button to duplicate it. 2 Click the New Layer button. l A new blank layer is added to the Layers palette. 3 Double-click in the Opacity data field and type 10. 4 Click the Zoom tool and click and drag across both eyes to zoom in. 5 Click here to reset the foreground and background colors to the defaults. 6 Click here to reverse the foreground and background colors and set the foreground to white. 7 Click the Brush tool.

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