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@@ !! !! 88 99 00 ^^ $$ ## %% && @@ !! !! 88 99 00 ^^ $$ ## %% && 8 Click here to open the Brush Picker. 9 Click and drag the Master Diameter slider to select a small brush that fits inside the iris. 0 Click and drag the Hardness slider to 0%. ! Paint in the center of each iris. @ Click here to reverse the foreground and background colors and set the foreground to black. # Paint with black around the edges of the irises and in the pupils. $ Click the New Layer button to add a second blank layer. % Double-click in the Opacity data field and type 20. ^ Click the Brushes button to open the Brushes palette and presets. & Press +spacebar (Ctrl+spacebar) and then click in the image to zoom in to see the eyelashes. 85Chapter 4: Retouching Portraits Did You Know? You can save and reuse an eyelash brush. With the settings that you create for Brush Tip Shape, click the palette menu arrow on the right in the Brushes palette. Click New Brush Preset. Type a name in the dialog box and click OK. Try This! Press D to set the foreground and background colors to the default black and white. Press X to quickly switch the foreground and background colors as you digitally dodge and burn. Try This! To lighten dark brown eyes, try setting the foreground color to a dark red or burgundy color instead of white. Paint in the irises on a separate layer and adjust the opacity. Adding red to dark brown eyes softens the look.

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