ADD DEPTH TO EYES to emphasize them Retouching

ADD DEPTH TO EYES to emphasize them Retouching portraits is always tricky. You want to improve the image and still preserve the person s character. Because the eyes can define personality, enhancing the eyes almost always helps the overall portrait and helps the viewer focus on the subject. When you work on any portrait and especially when you work on the eyes, you need to make small changes. Large changes are too often obvious, and your subjects want to see themselves and be seen at their best, not different. Make small changes and repeat these on several layers. You can easily adjust the opacity of each layer independently, creating more variations in brush strokes and colors. With adjustments on multiple layers, it is also easier to change or delete enhancements that do not seem natural. Using a pressure-sensitive pen tablet also gives more variety to brush strokes. Use light brush strokes instead of heavy ones. Many of the brush options can be set to respond to pressure or tilt, allowing you to alter brush styles with fewer trips to the Brushes palette. )) rr ww ** )) qq rr (( Photo 2007 86 * Click Brush Tip Shape. ( Select a very small brush to match the size of the eyelashes. ) Drag the dots on the roundness icon and the brush angle to conform the brush shape to the eyelashes of one eye. q Click here to close the Brushes palette. w Paint over the eyelashes one at a time to darken them. e Press the spacebar and click in the image to move to the other eye. r Click here and repeat steps 18 to 22, adjusting the brush to fit the shape of the lashes of the other eye. t Press Option+spacebar (Alt+spacebar) and click in the image to zoom out and see the whole face.

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