Add a DOUBLE-NEON GLOW to text for a

Add a DOUBLE-NEON GLOW to text for a unique design You can easily give any text a double-neon glow effect using a variation of a technique taught by Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAF . Colin is an award-winning Photoshop and Flash designer and teaches the new media through his instructional videos called the Photoshop Secrets video training series. He also writes the CAF cup, a free subscription newsletter, and runs the Web site, a powerful resource for Photoshop-related news. The double-neon glow can be very effective for creating album or Web page titles. Set against a dark background, the glowing letters quickly capture your viewer s attention. You can easily change the way the letters glow on the screen by changing the background layer color or adding a gradient background. The double-glow effect surrounding the letters can be varied anytime and changed by simply double-clicking the effect icon in the Layers palette to reopen the Layer Style dialog box. By keeping the text as a type layer, you can edit the text and maintain the glow, so you can use the double-glow technique for multiple applications. 66 77 00 22 44 88 99 140 1 Open a new blank document. 2 Click the Type tool. 3 Select the font family, style, and size in the Options bar. 4 Click in the image and type your text. 5 Press Return (Enter) to commit the type. 6 Click the Layer Style button. 7 Click Outer Glow. The Layer Style dialog box appears. l Move the dialog box so that you can see the text. 8 Click and drag to increase the spread to about 13%. 9 Click and drag to increase the size to about 16 pixels. 0 Click Drop Shadow.

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