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%% ^^ $$ !! @@ @@ ## !! ^^ %% ^^ $$ !! @@ @@ ## !! ^^ ! Click and hold the Rectangle tool and select the Custom Shape tool. @ Click here and select the copyright symbol. # Press Shift and click and drag in the photo to create a copyright symbol. The copyright symbol appears on the image and as a shape layer in the Layers palette. $ Press Option (Alt) and click and drag the Layer Style icon to the shape layer to copy the effect. The same emboss style is applied to the copyright symbol. % Double-click in the Fill data field and type 0. ^ Click the type layer to select it and repeat step 15. The name and copyright symbol appear embossed on the image. 143Chapter 7: Designing with Text Effects Caution! There are three options on the Options bar for the Custom Shape tool. When you select the Shape tool for the copyright symbol, make sure that the Shape Layer button is highlighted on the Options bar rather than the Paths or Fill Pixels button. Did You Know? The Layers palette includes two types of sliders. The Opacity slider affects the visibility of both the filled pixels and the layer style. The Fill slider affects only the transparency of the filled pixels without changing any style that is applied. Try This! Double-clicking the Type thumbnail in the Layers palette selects and highlights all the type on that layer. Double-clicking the blank space next to the name of a layer brings up the Layer Style dialog box.

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