ADD PERSPECTIVE TO TYPE and keep it sharp

ADD PERSPECTIVE TO TYPE and keep it sharp When you warp a type layer, the letters always bend the shape to some degree, even if you set the Bend slider to 0. Although using the Perspective function found under the Edit menu s Transform submenu more accurately gives the illusion of text disappearing into the distance, this function is unavailable for a type layer. If you rasterize the layer and turn the letters into pixels to use the Perspective transformation, the characters blur as you change the angles. You can, however, add realistic perspective to type and preserve the crisp edges by converting the type layer to a shape layer. Converting type to shapes changes the type layer into a layer with a colored fill and a linked vector mask showing the outline of the letters. The outline is actually a temporary path and appears in the Paths palette as well. The text is no longer editable, but you can alter the vector mask, add layer styles, and use all the transformation tools to change the look. 66 44 55 77 33 11 22 146 1 In a new blank document, click the Type tool. 2 Select the font family, style, size, justification, and color. 3 Click in the image and type the text. 4 Click the Commit button. 5 Click Layer. 6 Click Type. 7 Click Convert to Shape.

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