WARP TYPE to emphasize the words You can

WARP TYPE to emphasize the words You can create many different effects with type by warping the letters into various shapes. If you warp text using the Warp command found under the Edit and Transform menu after rasterizing the type layer, or turning the layer into pixels, the letters lose their sharp edges and appear fuzzy. Using the Warp Text feature of Photoshop gives text a completely new look and helps it remain sharp-edged and editable. After you type the text, you use the Warp Text dialog box to change it. You can select from a variety of warp styles and use the sliders to alter the look. You can control the direction of the warp as well as size of the letters. Because the warp style is an attribute of the type layer, you can change the style at any time by reselecting the layer with the Type tool and opening the Warp Text dialog box. As long as the text is on an editable type layer, you can apply any layer styles before or after warping the text. 99 77 55 66 88 33 11 22 44 1 In a new blank document, click the Type tool. 2 Select the font family, style, size, justification, and color. 3 Click in the document and type the text. 4 Click the Warp Text button. The Warp Text dialog box appears. 5 Move the dialog box so that you can see the type. 6 Click here and select a warp style. The text matches the style selected. 7 Click and drag each of the sliders to vary the effect. 8 Click OK. 9 Click the Commit button. The warp and changes to the text are committed. 145Chapter 7

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