The image appears the same but with multiple

The image appears the same but with multiple layers. ! Click the top layer. @ Click here and select Stroke. @@ && $$ ## !! ** ** ^^ @@ %% The Layer Style dialog box appears. # Click here to open the Stroke Color dialog box, click white, and press Return (Enter). $ Click here and select Inside. % Click and drag the Size slider to make the edge larger. ^ Click Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow. & Click OK. The layer styles are applied to the top layer. * Press Option (Alt) and click here and drag the layer styles to the layer below. ( Repeat step 18 for each layer. The final image appears to be a combination of many smaller photos. 205Chapter 9: Giving Your Images a Professional Presentation More Options! Depending on your image, you can also rotate the individual layers to make each snapshot s subject appear to be angled. After duplicating the selection to its own layer, press +T (Ctrl+T) to bring up the transformation anchors. Click and drag just outside an anchor and rotate the layer for a very different effect. Try This! Add different colored filters to some or all of the snapshot layers. Click a layer in the Layers palette to select it. Click Image . Adjustments . Photo Filter. Click the Filter arrow to select a color and click OK. Be sure to use the Photo Filter option found under Image Adjustments and not a photo filter adjustment layer because adjustment layers affect all the layers below it.

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