0 Click the Preview Cutout tool. ! Click

0 Click the Preview Cutout tool. ! Click and drag over an area to preview the cutout in the selected area. 00 @@ ## !! $$ The Preview window shows the cutout subject on a green screen. @ Click here to create the cutout. l A progress bar appears as Fluid Mask replaces the background with the preview color in the color box. # Click File. $ Click Save and Apply. Vertus Fluid Mask removes the background and leaves the extracted foreground on a transparent layer in Photoshop. 223Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 Did You Know? You can click the Zoom tool and click in the image to enlarge delicate edge areas. Then paint with the Delete Exact brushes and double-click the Hand tool to return to the full view. You can also use the Blend Exact brush, the fourth brush down, to paint over areas with complex edges such as hair to further refine the selection. More Options! You can create an alpha mask in Photoshop from the transparency layer. Press +click (Ctrl+click) the extracted layer thumbnail in the Layers palette to select it. Click Layer . Save Selection. Give the layer a name in the dialog box and click OK. The layer is saved as a new alpha channel so that you can reselect it quickly later.

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