CONTROL DIGITAL NOISE with Nik Dfine 2 Digital noise is inherent in digital photographs and appears as bright, colored specks called chrominance noise or dark spots or contrast noise called luminance noise that often look like film grain. Various factors can affect or create noise, including the light, length of exposure, and temperature when the photo is taken, as well as the peculiarities of individual cameras and sensors. You may also see more noise in photos taken using high ISO speeds and in low-light situations. Although you can reduce digital noise in a general manner with the built-in filters in Photoshop CS3, using Nik Dfine 2 is far more powerful and enables you to control how you reduce the noise and optimize the detail. Dfine reduces luminance noise, chrominance noise, and JPG artifacts; improves contrast; and adjusts colorcasts while taking into account the effects of the noise reduction. You can reduce the noise for the whole image, for specific color ranges, or by setting control points. The large Preview screen enables you to see the improvements as you try them. 11 3322 77 55 88 66 224 1 Click Filter. 2 Click Dfine 2.0. 3 Click Dfine 2.0. l Optionally, you can click Dfine 2.0 in the Selective palette. The Dfine dialog box appears. 4 Press +Option+0 (Ctrl+Alt+0) to view the image at 100%. 5 Click and drag the resize corner to get the most screen space. 6 Click the Pan tool. 7 Click and drag in the image to view an area of noise. 8 Click here to view a split preview vertically. l Optionally, you can click here to view a split preview horizontally.

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