A red line splits the preview screen. 9

A red line splits the preview screen. 9 Click here and select Automatic. 0 Click Measure Noise. 00 !! 99 NIK Dfine 2.0 automatically measures the noise in the image, creates a profile for it, and reduces the noise in one side of the Preview image. Note: In the figure shown here, see how much cleaner the right side appears compared to the left side. ! Click OK. The noise reduction visible in the previewed section is applied to the entire image. 225Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 More Options! Instead of clicking OK in step 11, click Brush. The Dfine dialog box disappears, and a layer mask is added to the Dfine layer. Click Paint in the Dfine 2.0 palette. Click the Brush tool and paint in your image to selectively reduce noise. Use a pressure-sensitive pen tablet such as a Wacom Intuos or Cintiq for the most control with Dfine Selective. Did You Know? Noise reduction is more effective when applied early in the image-editing workflow. Apply Dfine 2 right after importing or converting from the Raw format. Because in-camera sharpening increases noise structures in images, you can more precisely reduce noise and preserve details with Nik Dfine 2 by turning off noise reduction and sharpening on your camera.

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