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66 77 9988 66 77 9988 6 Click and drag the Paper Type slider to select the media. 7 Click and drag the Printer Resolution slider to match your printer s resolution. 8 Click Use Autoscan to enable Sharpener Pro to automatically adapt to the specific image. 9 Click OK. l A progress bar appears. Sharpener Pro 2 applies the correct amount of sharpening according to the settings. 227Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 Important! The order in which you apply image enhancements affects the quality of the final print. Apply noise reduction first, if necessary. Then apply the Nik Raw Presharpening filter. Adjust the image for tone and color and resize the image. Save the image. Apply Nik Sharpener Pro 2 just prior to printing, based on the printer, media, and intended viewing distance. More Options! You can apply sharpening to selected areas using the Sharpener Pro 2 Selective tool. Click . Automate . nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 Selective. Click the filter in the nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 Selective palette that matches the intended output, adjust the settings, and click OK. Click Paint and click and drag in the image. Click Apply to apply the selective sharpening.

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