APPLY TRADITIONAL PHOTO FILTERS such as the Sunshine filter using Nik Color Efex Professional photographers often carry a selection of natural-looking photographic enhancements. You can lens filters and light reflectors to take advantage of every lighting condition they might encounter. You can achieve similar effects using Color Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software. Nik filters can help you enhance images better than using Photoshop alone. Based on photographic filter technology, these filters consider the existing color and light in an image and adapt the effect accordingly. The filters can adapt to any previous adjustments in the photo, so you can apply multiple filters in a different order and achieve more use any of the Color Efex Pro filters and customize the settings to control the light and color in your digital images. You can even save your settings to apply them to a range of photos for a consistent workflow and increased productivity. The Sunshine filter shown in this task is just one of the many traditional styled filters. It transforms the grayed colors from a photo shot on an overcast day into a bright colorful scene, yet in a very natural way. 22 33 55 99 44 77 88 66 66 11 228 1 Click and drag the Background layer over the New Layer button. 2 Click Filter. 3 Click nik Color Efex Pro 2.0: traditional filters. 4 Click Sunshine. The Sunshine filter dialog box appears. 5 Click here to select a split preview. 6 Click the + signs to enlarge the preview images. 7 Click and drag the Saturation Correction slider to control the intensity of the colors. 8 Click and drag the Cool Color Reduction slider to manipulate the blue colors. 9 Click the Light Casting Algorithm thumbnail and select the type of sunlight to add.

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