0 Click and drag the Light Intensity slider

0 Click and drag the Light Intensity slider to control the amount of added light. ! Click and drag the Radius slider to control !! @@ $$ 00 %% ## the increased detail smoothing. @ Click the Select Prefilter thumbnail and select a color contrast filter to enhance different colors and objects. # Click and drag the Prefilter Strength slider to change the amount of the prefilter added to the image. $ Click OK. l A progress bar appears as Color Efex Pro applies the filter to the image. % Click the Visibility icon for the Background copy layer on and off to compare the results with the original. 229Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 Did You Know? Nik Color Efex Pro 2 includes traditional Reflector filters, Infrared conversions, and Cross Processing filters, as well as a Selective tool with the filters on a separate floating palette. Use the Selective palette to apply any of the filters with a paintbrush to control the location and amount of the effect. Use a Wacom pen tablet for even greater control. Try This! If Photoshop does not display all of your third-party plug-ins, install them into a separate folder that you create and name inside the Photoshop application folder or even elsewhere on your hard drive. Launch Photoshop, click Photoshop (Edit) . Preferences . Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks. Click Additional Plug-ins Folder. Click Choose and navigate to select your additional plug-ins folder.

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