TRAVEL BEYOND THE BRIDGE with Extensis Portfolio

TRAVEL BEYOND THE BRIDGE with Extensis Portfolio 8 Extensis Portfolio 8 is a unique tool for organizing and managing all kinds of digital files. Portfolio enables you to share files in a variety of ways, from CDs or DVDs to searchable Web sites. You can quickly find a specific file whether it is stored on your computer or on any external drive, CD, or DVD. Because of its added functionality, Portfolio goes beyond the capabilities of the Photoshop CS3 Bridge or any other software for managing digital assets. Portfolio is the most flexible way to catalog, archive, track, share, and locate your files. Use Portfolio to download your photos to your computer, rename the files, and include any Exif, XMP, or catalog data you want. Portfolio adds thumbnails and screen previews to the database. You can burn a CD or DVD of the original images to create an archival copy from within Portfolio s catalog dialog box. By including the read- only browser on the CD or DVD, you can quickly search those files even from another computer. Portfolio s powerful database tracks your files and gives you a visual preview of any image wherever it is stored. 55 66 77 88 3344 22 230 CREATE A CATALOG OF IMAGES 1 Insert a digital media card into your card reader. 2 Press Control+click (right-click) the digital media icon on the desktop. 3 Click Add To Portfolio. 4 Click New Catalog. Portfolio opens a Save dialog box for the new catalog. 5 Type a name for the catalog. 6 Click here and select the location to save your catalog. 7 Click Save. The Use Screen Preview dialog box appears with Enable Screen Previews selected by default. 8 Click Done to enable the previews.

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