SET THE CATALOG OPTIONS A new catalog and the Cataloging Options dialog box appear. 99 @@ ## $$ %% 00 !! 9 Click Assign Properties. The Cataloging Options dialog box expands. 0 Click Copy or Move Files to a Location. The dialog box expands again. ! Click Rename Files. The dialog box expands again. @ Click the Description tab. # Type data in the left field for your images. $ Click Make a Copy of the Originals. % Click the Folder icon. ^ Navigate to the location for the catalog in the dialog box that appears and click Choose. l The location appears in the field. 231Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 Try This! Burn a CD of the original images. From the menu, click Gallery and Burn to Disc. Click Original Files and Link Paths in Catalog to Files Burned to Disc. Type a folder name. Click Create a Catalog and type the catalog name. Click the other empty check boxes to include the Portfolio Browser applications on the CD and click Burn. More Options! You can rotate JPEG images from portrait to landscape orientation or vice versa from within Portfolio without having to launch another program. Click an image or press +click (Ctrl+click) any number of JPEG images to select them. Then press Control+click (right-click) to open the menu. Select the type of rotation to use. Portfolio rotates the image for you.

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