TRAVEL BEYOND THE BRIDGE with Extensis Portfolio

TRAVEL BEYOND THE BRIDGE with Extensis Portfolio 8 Portfolio can catalog almost any type of digital file. You can add individual files, folders, or complete volumes such as a CD or a hard drive by simply dragging the file, folder, or disk icon into an open catalog window. However, using the Instant Cataloging feature described in this task offers more options and control over the way Portfolio stores the information. By entering descriptions, keywords, or information in the custom fields, you can organize your files more easily. You can then customize Portfolio to display images in galleries and to view images as thumbnails, lists, or individual items with all the stored data. To find a particular file, you can search with Portfolio s Quick Find, located on the toolbox, using any words or phrase you entered when cataloging the file. You can also search using the Find command and search for specific criteria associated with the file. Portfolio offers many more advantages that you can find on the Web site. ** ww qq && (( )) rr ee 232 & Click here and select Text. * Type a name in the data field. l Optionally, you can repeat steps 17 and 18 to set the middle part of the filenames. ( Click here and select Number From. ) Type a starting number for the images in this catalog. q Click the Keywords tab. The dialog box changes options. w Type a keyword here. e Click the + to add the keyword to the list below. l Optionally, you can click the Fields tab and select the data to edit. r Click OK.

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