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ii tt yy uu ii tt yy uu A progress bar appears. Note: The time required to copy, catalog, and rename your files depends on the number and size of the files, as well as the speed and type of connection of the card reader. Portfolio displays a partial catalog as it completes the process. VIEW AN IMAGE AND ITS PROPERTIES t Click the image thumbnail. y Click the Preview button. Portfolio displays a larger preview of the photo. u Click the Properties button to view details of the image data. CUSTOMIZE THE CATALOG i Click the Customize button to make changes or make different data appear in the catalog. 233Chapter 10: Plugging into Photoshop CS3 Did You Know? Portfolio 8 includes a separate application called Portfolio Express that enables you to find cataloged files without launching the complete application. After you launch Portfolio Express, you can keep it running in the background and hide or show the palette using a hot key. The compact Portfolio Express palette floats above other document windows. Use the QuickFind feature from the palette to find a particular image and double-click a thumbnail in the Portfolio Express palette to edit the original image. You can also drag and drop the thumbnail onto an alias (shortcut) of Photoshop to open it. You can even drag a thumbnail directly into an email message to send a copy of the original file as an attachment.

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